Sabrina Foulks-Thomas, CPM, LM, IBCLC, CPES 

 Birth in Color Midwifery, LLC

For nearly a decade, I have had the great honor of working with expecting, laboring and postpartum families. I have come to appreciate through experience the simplicities, intricacies, and many presentations in between that birth can present uniquely different for each individual family.

There have been countless *take away lessons* I have learned in my tenure in birth work and, paramount to all else, I have found; "there is no place for personal judgment in a person’s birth". I firmly believe there is no "always right" or "definite" answer to use as a blanket formula when approaching birth. Rather, we must hold space and allow each birthing family to encompass how birth unfolds for them. My journey into midwifery started well before my last 3.5 years of training collectively with Debra Studey, CPM, LM and Christy Feiker, CPM, LM. My love and passion has been birthed from my womb encompassing experiences and education from: Pre-med undergraduate degree, followed by a nursing degree, private practice lactation work as an IBCLC, childbirth educator, placenta encapsulationist, healthcare missionary work in Kenya, community collaborator, and through the birth of my own, two beautiful children; from which has been the foundation to where I have started and what is the ground work for Birth in Color Midwifery. As a result, I have had the pleasure to be humbly invited to more than 500 families most sacred space to witness as they embrace allowing their birth experience to become their own.

Telephone number: 612-237-2746    Email: [email protected]

What my clients are saying

Sabrina was sweet and knowledgeable. She was emotionally supportive to us during our last two hard weeks of labor.

She dropped everything for a couple false alarms we had. She respected and understood the way I chose to labor.

She took great of me after baby was born. She gave me shots afterwards for bleeding and was ready to do more if she had too.

Sabrina was well prepared for whatever happened after labor and rushed to our aid when baby girl was breathing faster than normal.

She went out of her way to come to children's hospital with us to make sure our daughter was okay. We loved Sabrina and hope to use her for many more babies to come.

Client of Sabrina Foulks-Thomas