Jessica Siczkowycz, CPM, LM - 7 Birds Midwifery

Most often, the birth process is a natural, normal, physiological part a woman’s life. As natural as it can be, it demands respect, and flourishes with love and support. In this environment, birth can be empowering, instinctual, fulfilling and transformative. You will remember your birth story for the rest of your life, it will impact your heart, mind, and body forever. For this reason, I embrace my calling to provide Midwifery services, lactation support, education, and loving respect for all the families I am blessed to support.

The foundation of my midwifery practice begins with my 4.5 year apprenticeship with Birth Spirit Midwifery, as well as serving many families as a Doula and Certified Lactation Consultant with A Nurtured Birth, and Mamaste Birth and Lactation Support. I have been honored to support over 130 families through the years. This foundation, however, is further strengthened by my own experiences with birth and lactation. My own 7 little Birds have molded me into the practitioner you will meet. Through hospital birth, twins, failed and successful lactation experiences, multiple miscarriages and a blissful homebirth; I have learned so much and have grown a healthy respect for the beautiful and complicated work of supporting birthing families.

In June of 2016 I became a Licensed Midwife in the state of Wisconsin, and I look forward to continuing my work in this amazing community.

Telephone number: 262-903-3912 Email: [email protected]

What my clients are saying

"Jessica was the most amazing person I could have found for a midwife!! Not only is she an awesome midwife but she is a kind amazing, beautiful and intelligent woman!!! If you want to have someone who is there for you every step of the way (and then some!) and will never make you feel like there is such a thing as too many questions, look no further!"

Client of Jessica Siczkowycz

...She listened carefully to my concerns and addressed them and communicated with me well through the entire experience. I never felt rushed at appointments but was able to talk and get to know her. She stayed calm (which helped me stay calm) when our son came much more quickly than we expected and she always exceeded all my expectations. I always looked forward to seeing her which was a nice change because I've never liked doctor appointments of any kind. Thank you for such a positive experience Jessica!

Client of Jessica Siczkowycz