Erin O'Day, CPM, LM - Mama Moon Midwifery

Each woman is the creator of her own birth process. This belief is the foundation of my practice as a midwife. There is no wrong way to have a baby, just a difference in the approach and options we have available. I am here to offer an approach that allows women to make their own informed decisions in the care process that takes place during this special time. By taking responsibility for our own health decisions, we have the opportunity to learn more about our basic needs and functions as human beings and can therefore make choices that correspond with our own best interests.

My path to midwifery began in 2006, when I attended a midwifery program in the state of Oregon. I returned to Wisconsin to apprentice as a student midwife, and during this time learned the art of midwifery from a variety of teachers. During my apprenticeship I was blessed to travel to Uganda where I had the privilege to work with traditional birth attendants and expand my skill set. I became a certified and licensed midwife in the state of Wisconsin in September of 2015, and am excited to work in this amazing community of birth professionals in the southeastern Wisconsin area.

Telephone number: 262-352-4852 Email: [email protected]

What my clients are saying

...​I finally started to be treated in a really personalized and kind way. A professional who offers one hour appointments during pregnancy instead of the quick ones I had before. She respects my birth preferences. She listened to me and cares about my dreams and about how I feel. I felt really confident having a person that I knew would help me birth in a way I have dreamed of all my life.

After delivery, she was “the one.” While the pediatrician was worried only about my baby, she was taking care of both: me and my baby. I had a lot of difficulty breastfeeding, and she was the only one who supported me all along my path while the pediatrician and other lactation consultants kept telling me to give my baby formula in a bottle. Besides all of this, she listened to me throughout the tough mission that breastfeeding has been and helped me avoid having baby blues. She came to me a lot of times with knowledge, and a full of love way.

My husband never dreamed about having a baby at home with a midwife. At the beginning he thought it was crazy. Now he is a person who will defend with all of his heart why we chose to have a home birth with a midwife.

For all these reasons I feel so good with the decision we made.

We are grateful for all Erin has done for us. 

Client of Erin O'Day